Properties Window

Once a widget element is placed onto the canvas, a list of its properties will appear in the Properties Window, which is located at the bottom right of the screen.  Use the Properties Window to specify the look-and-feel, as well as the behavior of the widget.  For example, a combo box widget will have properties to control its font, size, and color, as well as properties to determine selection choices and any other validation that should occur.

Widgets may contain as many as 100 or more properties.  As you click into each property, the help text for that property will appear at the bottom of the Properties Window.  To locate a specific property quickly, use the filter box at the top of the Properties Window.

Where possible, the Properties Window will provide assistance for selecting the appropriate property value.  For example, an element’s background image property will provide an easy to use dialog for browsing and selecting the appropriate image on the IBM i IFS file system.

To work with element properties, you must ensure that the element is selected in the designer.  You can click elements to select them.  You may also select multiple elements at one time by dragging your mouse over a set of elements, or by holding down the control key as you click on various elements.  To select screen or record format level properties, click the canvas area itself.