Work with Language Translations Tool


This tool is specific to the IBM i platform.

Starting with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 10.0, we provide a tool to maintain language translations used throughout Profound UI. This utility can be used with the Rich Display or Genie module of Profound UI. This tool makes it easier for users to add, change and delete language translations without having to use a separate database editing utility. You can find more information on language support here

The name of the command used to call this tool is PUIWRKTRAN


Using PUIWRKTRAN in Genie

The PUIWRKTRAN command is a standard command that can be run from the command line in Genie. You also have the option to use PUIWRKTRAN in a CL program in order to call it from your applications.


Using PUIWRKTRAN in a Rich Display Session

In order to use PUIWRKTRAN from your Rich Display program, we suggest placing the command in a CL program. You could also set up your CL program as the 'initial program' in the Visual Designer, or call it as a Rich Display from Atrium. 




The image above is the main screen for PUIWRKTRAN. Here you can see the current records that are in the PUITRANSP file. The records are shown based on the language set in the job. You can use the PUISETLANG command to change the language prior to calling the PUIWRKTRAN command. This tool offers the ability to search the phrases by the id of the phrase. You can enter the id in the search box above the grid to search for a particular phrase's id. This will place the id that was searched for at the top of the grid. Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 7.2 and later also provides the ability to select the language for which records will be displayed, and to search for records containing a given phrase. When a search phrase is specified, only records containing that phrase for the selected language will be displayed.

The following options are available for PUIWRKTRAN: 

  • Add – allows you to add a new phrase to the PUITRANSP file. On the 'Add Phrase' screen, you can add multiple languages and translations for each language.  

  • View – allows you to view all the translations for an existing phrase. After you select a record from the grid, you can press the ‘View’ button to bring up the ‘View Phrases’ screen.   

  • Change – allows you to change an existing record from the PUITRANSP file. After you've selected your record, you can press the 'Change' button to bring up the 'Change Record' screen. You can update the translations or even add new languages for the phrase. 

  • Delete – allows you to delete a record from the PUITRANSP file. After you've chosen the record you wish to delete, you can press the 'Delete' button to bring up the 'Delete Record' screen. This screen will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the selected record. If you choose 'Yes', the record will be deleted and you will return to the main screen. 

  • Exit – exits the PUIWRKTRAN application.