pui.onPCCommand function

This function can be used to provide alternate user-defined processing for the runPCCommand() API or STRPCCMD in Genie. Normally, any commands issued this way run on the PC through the PC Command Listener or PC Command Launcher. If this function is defined on the page, it will call the function. 

The function can return true to indicate that it has handled the command, or false to indicate that it should be handled by the PC Command Listener or PC Command Launcher.

NOTE: In Profound UI version 6, fix pack 7.0 and earlier versions, the return value was ignored.  If a pui.onPCCommand function was defined, the command would only be processed by the function. For backwards compatibility with this release, any function that does not return a value will be considered to have handled the command.

NOTE: Prior to Profound UI version 6, fix pack 8.0 the pui.onPCCommand function would only work with STRPCCMD from a Genie session. Starting with fix pack 8.0, the runPCCommand() API is also supported.  Also, fix pack 8.0 added the second parameter, which will be true if the user specified pause(*YES) or false otherwise.


pui.onPCCommand = function(command, pause) { alert("The command string is: " + command); return true; }