The pui.onload event, if defined, fires after each Rich Display Record Format is rendered.  It is executed right before the screen's onload event.

The pui.onload method does not fire on Genie screens.  For Genie screens, use the global customize() and afterLoad() events instead.


The pui.onload event receives one parameter object that has the following properties:

  • file - display file name

  • library - display file library

  • name - record format name

  • metaData - meta data for the screen definition, including screen-level properties and properties for each element

  • data - name/value pairs of the data rendered on the screen

  • ref - reference field information object

  • container - the DOM reference to the container where the format was rendered


pui.onload = function(config) { // Position the footer based on the current screen height var footer = getObj("myfooter"); // get a reference to the footer div var footerTop = pui.getRuntimeContainerHeight() + 20; // calculate footer top position based on runtime container height footer.style.top = footerTop + "px"; // assign the new top position }