Global Variables

The following global variables are available in JavaScript coding in Profound UI:

  • pui.touchDevice (boolean): Set to true if running on a mobile touch device, such as iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, etc.

  • pui.genie.isCustomized (boolean): Set to true if the current Genie screen has been customized by the Visual Designer

  • pui.defaultDateFormt (text): The default date format for the date field and calendar icon

  • pui.genie.middleDiv (object): a reference to a div in start.html with id="middle". In most skins this div surrounds the main 5250 div that the 5250 content is rendered within. This div can be used to center and also resize the content div

  • pui.genie.subfileInfo (object): This is set when a subfile is detected on a Genie screen.  If a subfile is not detected, pui.genie.subfileInfo will be null.  The object has the following properties:

    • inputColumn - The position where the option input column was detected (this value is only available when Detect Subfile Patterns is not used)

    • choices - An array of option choices, such as Change, Copy, Delete, and Display

    • choiceValues - An array of option choice values, such as 2, 3, 4, and 5

  • pui.genie.alarm (boolean): Set to true if the 5250 ALARM has been sounded. Requires Profound UI 6 fix pack 2.0 or newer.