Open Access

Installing Open Access

Profound UI is primarily designed to operate in conjunction with Open Access, which is product officially known as Rational Open Access: RPG Edition.  This is provided by IBM as part of the ILE RPG compiler, and first became available in IBM i 6.1. More information on Open Access can be found here.

Prior to IBM i V7R2, it was necessary to install PTFs in order to get Open Accesss support. Starting with V7R2, this is no longer necessary, as Open Access is included in the RPG compiler installation.

Pre-V7R2 Open Access Installation Information:

Prior to 2012, IBM provided a licensed Product named 5733-OAR for Open Access.  This has been discontinued and should no longer be used.  The most up-to-date Open Access is now part of the RPG compiler.

  • If you have 5733-OAR installed and wish to install the PTFs below, you will need to uninstall 5733-OAR before applying the following PTFs.


  • V6R1: SI45906

  • V7R1: SI45905

  • (existing 5733-OAR runtime license will continue to operate)

Compile time

  • V6R1: SI45904

  • V7R1 for TGTRLS(*CURRENT): SI45903

  • V7R1 for TGTRLS(*PRV): SI45902

RPG coding for Open Access

Coding new programs or altering existing programs requires just two lines be added so it can use the Profound UI Open Access handler.

The first change involves adding the new HANDLER keyword to each display file F spec as shown below. When any display file I/O occurs, Open access will re-direct the I/O to the Profound UI Handler


The second change is the addition of Default Activation Group directive as an H spec. Alternatively this can be passed as a parameter to CRTBNDRPG.  This is not required when creating a module with CRTRPGMOD.


The compile process does not change.  You still compile using IBM's RPG compiler (CRTBNDRPG or CRTRPGMOD, which is also PDM options 14 and 15.)


SEU syntax checking is frozen at the 6.1 level for RPG. IBM is no longer providing updates. This means that SEU does not recognize the HANDLER keyword as valid. You will need to ignore the SEU syntax warning when entering this new keyword, the compiler will still compile the program successfully.  If you use RDi, you will not get these errors.