Atrium.breakMessageFormat( message, stringwrapper )

This is a user defined function that overrides Atrium's default break-message format. When defined, this function is called whenever a break message is received by a session running in an Atrium tab.


  • message - (input). This is an object passed by Atrium to your function containing the following fields:

    • date - The date the message was sent.

    • time - The time the message was sent.

    • msg - The message content.

    • jobName - The jobName of the user who sent the message.

    • jobUserName - The user name of the user who sent the message.

    • jobNum - The job number of the user who sent the message.

    • jobCurProfName - The Current Profile Name of the user who sent the message.

  • stringwrap - (output). This is an object that holds your formatted text. Atrium looks for text in the following fields:

    • title - The message box's title text becomes the value of message.title.

    • body - The content of the message box becomes the value of message.body.

The message title is: date time, Sender's Job Number / Sender's Job User Name / Sender's Job Name.

The body is: receiving username : message content.

Break Messaging is available with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 4.0.

Example Custom Format

Override the default break message formatter by defining Atrium.breakMessageFormat in a script in your userdata/extension/atrium/ folder. For example, if your installation is named "profoundui", then you can define the function in /profoundui/userdata/extension/atrium/custom.js in your htdocs folder.

A sample definition is:

Atrium.breakMessageFormat = function(message, stringwrap ){ stringwrap.title = "PUIBRKMSG: "" "+message.time; stringwrap.body = "MESSAGE:<p>" + message.msg + "</p>" + "<p><b>From:</b> " + "<br> Job Name: " + message.jobName + "<br> Job User Name: " + message.jobUserName + "<br> Job Number: " + message.jobNum + "<br> Job Current Profile Name: " + message.jobCurProfName; };

Custom formatted message: