Beginning with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 5.0, dimensions of some components of the Atrium user interface can be changed.

This feature is useful for anyone using custom language strings that are much longer than the default US English strings. For example, the default French translations don't fit well inside all of the "My Settings" control panel, so the appearance suffers:

You can set the dimensions in a custom settings.js file to fix the appearance:


The following settings work well for either the default US English, French, or Dutch strings in Atrium.

// Starting width of the "west" panel in the Control Panel, Users/Groups tab. (Default is 200). Atrium.dimensions["cp_grp_westpnl_width"] = 250; // In the My Settings or Control Panel, User or Group settings. // Atrium.dimensions["cp_set_grplbl_width"] = 140; //Width of labels in the Group Membership box. Atrium.dimensions["cp_set_grplbl_width_sm"] = 95; //Width of labels in the Group Membership box, when "Inherit Settings" checkbox is hidden. Atrium.dimensions["cp_set_usrlbl_width"] = 150; //Width of labels in the User box. // Access Role radio button label widths: Atrium.dimensions["cp_set_usrrdo_width"] = 80; //User. Atrium.dimensions["cp_set_mgrrdo_width"] = 85; //Manager Atrium.dimensions["cp_set_admrdo_width"] = 100; //Administrator Atrium.dimensions["cp_set_applbl_width"] = 225; //Width of labels in the Appearance box. Atrium.dimensions["cp_set_navlbl_width"] = 250; //Width of labels in the Navigation box. Atrium.dimensions["cp_set_col_width"] = 510; //Width of boxes; e.g. Appearance and Navigation boxes. pui.language = "fr_FR";