pui.errorTip(widget, message, hideDelay)

This API attaches an error/validation tool tip to a widget. This is identical to the error tip that is shown for the 'error messages' and various validation properties. This can be used to give a consistent appearance for validation/error messages coming from custom JavaScript coding.

This API is not available in Genie.


  • object or id – reference to a widget or the id of a widget.

  • message – the text to display in the error tip.

  • hideDelay – time (in milliseconds) show the tip before automatically hiding it. The error tip will be displayed again if the user puts focus on the widget. Defaults to 3000ms. Pass zero to never hide automatically.


// The following are equivalent. pui.errorTip("TextBox1", "This value is required."); pui.errorTip(getObj("TextBox1"), "This value is required.");