Profound UI

What is it?

Profound UI is a full-featured graphical user interface platform for RPG, Node.js, and PHP development. The platform offers developers an easy, natural method for creating connected applications that deliver rich user experiences regardless of project complexity or organization size.

What is it built on?

Profound UI is built to support the top-down methodology and programming techniques that business application developers are already familiar with. With this native approach, the learning curve for developers is virtually non-existent. Developers won't need to bother with the low level complexities of Web 2.0 technologies nor become experts in modern browser frameworks, such as JavaScript, AJAX, and HTML5, to create robust and modern web applications.

How does it work?

Profound UI provides a comprehensive visual design tool that allows anyone to create professional browser interfaces in a point and click manner! With the Visual Designer, developers of any language background can drag user interface components, called "widgets", over the design layout and simply drop to add them to the interface. The widget defaults can then be left in place or customized to fit the project requirements.

Why choose Profound UI?

With more than 125 cross-browser rich widgets, and hundreds of visual widget properties, Profound UI is the most robust and flexible web development environment available!

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