isColumnHidden( columnid )

This method will return true if a column has been hidden using the "hide columns" feature, or false if not. Column hiding is enabled on grids via the Hide Columns Option.


  • columnid - the column ID of the column to check, beginning with 0 for the first column, 1 for the 2nd, etc. Before the user moves any columns, column 0 would be the first column. After the user moves columns, the originally first column still has a columnId of 0, even if that column is no longer the first column.

Return Value:

  • Returns true if the column is hidden, returns false otherwise.


var grido = getObj('Grid1'); var size =['number of columns']; var text = ""; for (var i=0; i < size; i++){ text += 'ColumnId ' + i + ' hidden: ' + grido.grid.isColumnHidden(i) + "\n"; } pui.set('TextArea1', text);

This method is available in Profound UI releases later than Version 6 Fix Pack 2.1