Profound AI Overview

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Profound AI is a groundbreaking development environment designed to seamlessly infuse AI into your business applications.

Why Profound AI?

We're in the midst of a Generative AI revolution, and AI is becoming more accessible than ever. What used to take large teams and years of effort can now be done in a fraction of the time & cost – for instance, the implementation of Natural Language Customer Service Assistants. Profound AI makes artificial intelligence accessible, affordable, and practical for businesses of all sizes. See

Key Features of Profound AI

Multi-Model Compatibility: Choose from a variety of Large Language Models, including models from OpenAI, and stay ahead with the rapidly evolving AI market.

Dynamic Agent Guidance: Tailored instructions ensure AI agents assist end-users effectively, integrating real-time user and application context. This unique capability ensures that AI agents are not just contextually aware but also adapt in real-time to the evolving state and data of the application. It enables more personalized and accurate assistance to end-users, setting Profound AI apart in its ability to tailor interactions based on live data from the customer's own enterprise environment.

Data Analytics: Profound AI equips its agents with capabilities akin to having access to a powerful graphing calculator or an advanced tool like Excel. This feature allows AI agents to efficiently generate dynamic graphics and perform complex data analyses. Imagine an AI agent capable of creating insightful charts and graphs or dissecting data with precision just from natural language instructions.

Knowledge Documents: Whether it's detailed product specifications, historical data, or procedural manuals, Knowledge Documents ensure that the information provided is not just accurate but also contextually relevant to the specific needs of the user. This feature empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their internal knowledge, enhancing both customer support and internal operations.

Agent Routines: Profound AI's Agent Routines empower seamless execution of diverse actions, such as order processing and data retrieval, all based on natural language instructions. This feature boasts a user-friendly low-code interface, simplifying routine creation for users of all technical levels. For complex tasks, it also offers custom coding options. Routines can integrate with legacy systems by calling RPG and COBOL programs, using service program procedures, consuming web services, and accessing the database. Routines have built-in support for various popular databases, including Db2 on i.

Data Access: The Data Access feature provides AI agents with direct but highly controlled access to your organization's databases. This allows for efficient data retrieval, enhancing the agents' ability to assist users with relevant and timely information. The strength of this feature lies in its combination of accessibility and security. While AI agents can swiftly pull necessary data for various user requests, the access is governed by strict security protocols. This ensures that data retrieval is not only responsive but also aligns with your organization's data governance and privacy standards.

The Profound AI Difference

Ease of Use: A point-and-click environment makes integrating AI into your applications straightforward, requiring minimal coding.

Instant Deployment: Deploy AI agents instantly across various platforms, including web applications, websites, slack bots, auto-responders, and more.

Flexibility: Whether it's enhancing customer service with natural language bots or integrating AI into new development projects, Profound AI is designed to scale and adapt to your unique business needs.

Integration and Security: Profound AI offers seamless integration with your existing systems, ensuring robust security at every step. The platform supports comprehensive authentication and authorization protocols, allowing controlled data access and secure interaction with your application session data.

AI as a New Interface for Applications

AI and Natural Language are soon becoming the new interface for Enterprise Applications.

Just like the transition to web-based applications in the late '90s and early 2000’s, AI is becoming the new standard for application interfaces today. Users will soon expect natural language interactions within websites and applications, and Profound AI makes that transition smooth and efficient.