The slider widget allows a user to drag the slider to increase/decrease a value of a numeric field.

Field Binding Dialog (Rich UI Only)

Please visit the Field Binding page.

Slider Widget Properties 

orientation -This property determines the orientation of the slider widget. This can be set to either a horizontal or vertical orientation.

minimum value - Sets the minimum value for the slider widget.This property may be bound. (Rich UI Only)

maximum value - Sets the maximum value for the slider widget. This property may be bound. (Rich UI Only)

increment value - Sets the increment the value will adjust when the slider widget is increased or decreased. The default value is '1'. This property may be bound. (Rich UI Only)

Showing Slider Widget Values

A quick way to show a value alongside the slider widget itself is quite easy. Using a couple of our commonly used APIs you can have a textbox/output field display the slider's selected value.

Start by adding a texbox/output field with the slider widget.

Then add the following JavaScript code to the widget's onchange event:

changeElementValue("TextBox1", get("Slider1"));

You should now see the returned value from the slider widget in your textbox/output field as the slider is moved.