applyProperty(obj, propName, propValue)


This function is used to apply a designer property in customization scripts. 


  • obj – the object or element to which design property will be applied. This could also be an element ID (string).

  • propName – name of the designer property to apply to the object.

  • propValue – value of the designer property to apply to the object.


The code below repopulates a select box (drop-down) widget with new choices:

applyProperty("Dropdown1", "choices", "one,two,three"); // specify drop-down choices applyProperty("Dropdown1", "choice values", "1,2,3"); // specify values for drop-down choices applyProperty("Dropdown1", "field type", "select box"); // reapply "field type" to render with new choice settings

Applying a property does not always trigger the element to be re-rendered. To force rendering of the element, reapply the "field type" property.

Note: the "widget type" property is an alias for "field type". So, the following lines of code produce the same effect.

applyProperty("Dropdown1", "widget type", "select box"); applyProperty("Dropdown1", "field type", "select box");