Workstation ID's in Atrium

Atrium allows you to pass a workstation device name to Rich Display File/Genie sessions through a query string parameter that Profound UI provides to the Atrium Menu Item.

To use this, you launch your Atrium session using a URL like this:


For Genie, the parameter corresponds to a virtual workstation device name, which will also become the name of the interactive job. For Rich Display File sessions, the application runs in a batch job and so there is no workstation device and the parameter only corresponds to the job name.

You can pass anything that is a valid IBM i device and job name (10 character max) using this parameter.

In your applications, you can then use the job name field from either the RPG program status data structure or the RTVJOBA CL command to retrieve the “workstation id”. If an attempt is made to use a job name which already exists as a job under the QHTTPSVR subsystem, then an error screen will display.

The 'suffixid' parameter can also be used for Rich Display File/Genie sessions within Atrium to avoid workstations getting a duplicate id.

Example of Atrium session launched with the 'workstnid' and 'suffixid' parameters:


When using this mode, a unique id will be generated automatically by the system by appending a suffix to the end of what you pass, if that value is already in use on  the system. For example, using the above link, workstation id YOURID1 would be produced if YOURID already existed on the system. Further requests for the same id would result in YOURID2, then YOURID3, and so on. Note that the value ‘1’ for ‘suffixid’ is not the suffix itself, it’s just a flag that tells the system to apply suffixes, if necessary. The value should always be ‘1’ if you want to use this feature.

This feature requires that the id you pass is 9 characters or less, to leave room for the potential suffix. The system will start using 1-9 and then A-Z for the suffixes. If none of these are available (i.e. there are already 35 jobs with the same “prefix”), then you will get  the “duplicate id” error screen.

For Rich Display File Application Action Types Only

By default, duplicate job names will not be allowed.

However, you can optionally allow duplicate job names for Rich Display File Applications called through Atrium using the “duplicateid” parameter:


This option only applies to menu items with the Action Type of 'Rich Display File Application'.