Profound API Overview

What is an API?

Profound API provides an interface for REST APIs.  A REST API (also known as RESTful API) is a method of making a routine (any callable piece of logic) available to be called either locally or over a network via the HTTP protocol.  This is typically used for code that performs a task, such as:

  • Validating information

  • Reading from and writing to databases

  • Performing business operations

  • Interfacing with another system

Without a tool like Profound API to manage your REST APIs, they can become outdated, lost, or unused.

Profound API provides tools to avoid those concerns by allowing people to:

  • Create, organize and expose APIs with ease

  • Easily document APIs to help with both consuming and maintaining the APIs

  • Quickly find, modify, and test any API within the designer tool

  • Review analytical statistics about all APIs across a system via a dashboard that includes charts and summaries

  • Integrate easily with consumer applications by using the openAPI specifications