Customizing Favicon

This document will walk you through how to customize your browser's favicon icon, changing it from the Profound Logic icon to something of your choice.

Customizing for a Rich Display File 

Locate the image you want to replace the Profound Logic icon with, and make sure that the file is in PNG format. Next, navigate to your instances /htdocs directory in the IFS, you can easily do this using software like WinSPC. Place the image under the /htdocs directory. However, please keep in mind that if your instance is named PROFOUNDUI you'd need to place the PNG image within /www/profoundui/htdocs. You can place it anywhere under /htdocs but, it has to be there for the browser to access it. 

Then add the following <link> tag to the <head> section of your instances start.html file.

<link href="/profoundui/userdata/images/YOUR-IMAGE.png" rel="shortcut icon" />

Customizing for Genie

 Following the same instructions above but instead, add the <link> tag to your Genie skin's start.html file using the Genie Administrator.


Editing the Genie Hybrid skin Favicon from the Profound Logic icon to a color wheel. 

  1. Navigate within the IFS to my instances /htdocs, add in color-wheel.png

  2. In the Genie Administrator, I'll go to the Hybrid Skin then start.html and add in the <link> tag within the <head> and save the skin

  3. Launch the Hybrid skin to see changes 

Important Note

If changing the start.html file for RDFs (i.e. changing the file that's NOT a part of the Genie skin): Make sure NOT to change the file directly, as it will be overwritten by a Profound UI upgrade. Instead, follow these instructions.