Steps and Plugins

Creating Steps

Each routine is a series of steps that you will visually configure.

For each step, you will answer a number of questions. The first question (“What would you like to do?”) allows you to choose what we call a plugin, which will determine the rest of the questions.

Plugin Help

Profound.js ships many different plugins each serving their own purpose, such as accessing the database, navigating around in the application, managing program data, sending emails, consuming services, creating conditions, running custom SQL, executing custom Node.js code, and more. For each plugin, context-sensitive help is accessible by clicking on the ? icon in the dialog. You can also import 3rd party plugins or even create your own.

Step Description

In addition to answering plugin questions, you must provide a description for each step, which is similar to writing a comment in the code. The naming convention for descriptions is to start with a Capitalized word; however, any subsequent word should be lowercase.

Rearranging Steps

You can rearrange steps by using drag and drop. You can also right-click a step to access a menu for editing, inserting, duplicating, disabling, cutting, copying, and removing steps.