Configurable Text and Messages

To allow for customization and multi-language support, all text (including validation/error messages) displayed in the file upload control is configurable. The following JavaScript strings are defined which contain all text used:

File Upload Text
pui["fileupload"]["select text"] = "Select Files"; pui["fileupload"]["clear text"] = "Clear"; pui["fileupload"]["remove text"] = "Remove"; pui["fileupload"]["file limit"] = "Limit of {FILE_LIMIT} file(s) exceeded."; pui["fileupload"]["size limit"] = "Limit of {SIZE_LIMIT}MB per file exceeded."; pui["fileupload"]["duplicate file"] = "Duplicate files selected."; pui["fileupload"]["invalid type"] = "One or more files are of invalid type."; pui["fileupload"]["file exists"] = "One or more files already exist on the file system."; pui["fileupload"]["prevented"] = "Operation prevented by exit program."; pui["fileupload"]["input limit"] = "Total input size limit exceeded."; pui["fileupload"]["no session"] = "Not connected to a valid session."; pui["fileupload"]["timeout"] = "Transaction timed out."; pui["fileupload"]["invalid response"] = "The server response is missing or invalid.";

These strings can be redefined in JavaScript files that are linked into the HTML template to provide alternate messages. The FILE_LIMIT and SIZE_LIMIT strings are substitution variables -- these should be left as they are. Profound UI will insert the appropriate values into the message string as needed.