Signature Pad

The signature pad widget allows you to take advantage of a mobile device's touch screen to sign and save a signature. If you are making a browser based mobile application, your browser will have to support HTML5 to run the widget.

The signature pad widget can be found under the Input Controls category in the Widgets Menu.

In order to save the signature created by the widget, you must bind its value property to a character field of a large length (a couple thousand; We've found that 5,000 and up should be sufficient). This is because Profound UI saves the signature as Vector Coordinates into the large character field that you bind the widget to.

Functionality for downloading an image of the signature is available by calling the pui.uploadSignature() API

In Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 20.0 and older: If you want to get the value of the Signature Pad you will need to use something like the code below:


In Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 20.1 and newer: You can use the method above, or you can use the standard get() API that we offer here.