find( columnIndex, text, next )

This method finds and positions to text within a specific grid column. The found text is highlighted. The highlighting can be cleared using the clearHighlighting() method on the grid.


  • columnIndex - index to identify the column, where 0 is the first column*, 1 is the second column, etc.

  • text - text to find within the column

  • next - optional true or false flag that allows you to search for the next occurrence of the text; if specified as true, the search starts with the record after the top visible row within the grid

*Column 0 refers to the first column as established during design-time (in Visual Designer). If movable columns is true, then the user could change the column order. removeColumn(0) removes what was originally the first column, even if the user has moved that column.


getObj("Grid1").grid.find(0, "xyz"); getObj("Grid1").grid.clearHighlighting();

Finding is available for handler-populated (load-all) grids as of Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 1.0 and later. Find is available for Database-Driven and Custom SQL grids as of Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 6.0 and later. Data URL grids support Find as of Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 6.1 and later.