XLSX Export

XLSX is a native file format for Microsoft Excel versions 2007 and later. Using XLSX files solves some confusion users experience with CSV file exports; e.g. string values with numbers can be interpreted as floating points, so information appears to be lost.

When the "xlsx export" grid property is true, a link appears in the footer bar, allowing the user to export grid data to Excel using the XLSX format.

If both "csv export" and "xlsx export" properties are true, then links are shown for exporting both formats. (If the grid width is too small for both links, the text is reduced to fit the grid.)

When the export XLSX link is clicked, the browser prompts the user to save or open the file:

The filename presented to the user can be set using the "export file name" property.

Column headings are exported when the "export with headings" property is true. Headings are not exporting when "export with headings" is false or is not set.

Exporting from Handler-driven Grids

Load-all grids can export up to 9999 records. Paging grids only export data from the currently visible page. Grid columns containing only buttons are not included in the export. For image widgets in the grid see: http://www.profoundlogic.com/docs/display/PUI/XLSX+Export+Pics. When a column contains multiple fields, only the first field within the column will be exported.

The data-type of the field determines the cell formatting used in the exported XLSX file. For example, data from character fields (data type A) become text-formatted cells. Data from numeric fields become number-formatted cells. Decimal-separator types *I and *J are supported: excel internally stores numbers without decimal separators, but the user's operating system settings determine how these numbers are displayed. Date, time, and timestamps are stored as text cells to preserve the original IBM i formatting.

Exporting from Database-Driven or Custom URL Grids

Database-driven grids and Custom URL grids can export more than 9999 records. The grid attempts to read the database field's data type and choose an appropriate cell formatting. If the field's type cannot be determined, then the data is stored as text-cells to avoid misinterpretation. When a column is computed, the result of an SQL expression, or the data source is "custom url", then the field's data type cannot be read.

Fields that are Exported

  • When multiple fields are defined in a single column, then only the first* visible field within a column will be exported. That is, if a field's "visibility" property is not set, then it will not be exported.

  • *The order of the elements in Designer's Elements panel determines which element is first.

  • If a field is made invisible by positioning it outside of the visible cell area, then that field is still considered visible.

This feature is available in Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 9.0 and later.