This method reads a user's response to a browser-based screen or a mobile device screen previously displayed with display.screen.write().

It is typically used when multiple overlaid formats are displayed; otherwise, display.screen.execute() can be used in place of separate calls to display.screen.write() and display.screen.read().


  1. Data structure (optional) - A Profound.js data structure reference. If specified, the user's response is populated into the data structure. If not specified, global fields are used receive values from the screen. If the data structure is not qualified, you must wrap the parameter with the pjs.ds() API.


// Declare Rich Display File pjs.defineDisplay("mydisplay.js");   // Write 3 overlaid screens mydisplay.top.write(); mydisplay.middle.write(); mydisplay.bottom.write();   // Read user input mydisplay.top.read(); mydisplay.middle.read(); mydisplay.bottom.read();

RPG Equivalent