By default, Atrium does not prompt when users attempt to navigate away, close, or refresh their browser running an Atrium session. When a user leaves the Atrium page, each Atrium tab containing a Profound UI session is closed and unloaded.

You can setup atrium to prompt a user before leaving a page, and many browsers allow you to customize the prompt.

This configuration option is available as of Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 3.3.

Prompting Modes

There are 4 modes of prompting available for when the user attempts to close or navigate away from Atrium:

  • 0: Never prompt.

  • 1: Prompt only when Atrium tabs containing Profound UI sessions are open.

  • 2: Prompt when any tabs are open.

  • 3: Always prompt, even if no tabs are open.


First you'll need a Javascript file in the /YourInstanceName/userdata/extension/atrium/ folder for custom settings. For example, if your instance name is "profoundui", create a new file on your IFS: /profoundui/userdata/extension/atrium/yourcode.js

Next, you can decide to prompt the user only when Atrium tabs are running session of Profound UI. For this mode of prompt, add this line to the file:

Atrium.promptCloseBrowser = 1;

Use a value of 0, 1, 2, or 3, depending on how much prompting you want.

Custom Prompt

The custom message/prompt that you see when exiting a browser session comes from the browser itself. Most newer browsers will not allow for custom messages inside of the browser prompt. Because of this, in more modern browsers, this Atrium option may not take effect. 

The default prompt is "Unsaved changes to the session(s) will be lost".

The end developer may override the message by defining these strings in the Atrium Extension file, e.g. /YourInstanceName/userdata/extension/atrium/yourcode.js:

Atrium.closeBrowserMessage= "Are you sure you want to leave Atrium?";

The custom prompt string is available with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 4.0.