setDataValue(rowNum, fieldName, value)

This method sets the data value of a specific field in a specific row of a grid.

This method only works with Rich Display File development where RPG code is used to populate the grid.  It does not work with data-bound grids or with grids rendered by Genie. 


  • rowNum - the row number to set the value in; when using events such as onrowclick, onrowdblclick, onrowmouseover, and onrowmouseout, the row variable is automatically passed into the event and can be used as the parameter to this method

  • fieldName - the field name as defined in the subfile record format

  • value - the value to set in the bound field


The following expression sets the customer number to 1 in the row that was clicked:

getObj("Grid1").grid.setDataValue(row, "CUSTID", 1);