Adding Auto-complete to Textboxes

Sample code:
Display file source:                 PUISAMPLES/QDDSSRC(CUSTINQ4D)
RPGLE source:                      PUISAMPLES/QRPGLESRC(CUSTINQ4R)

Auto-complete, also referred to as auto-suggest, is a feature that suggests values in a dropdown list as you type into a textbox.  In Profound UI, textbox widgets have a set of auto-complete properties that can either provide a static suggestion list or link to a database for suggestions.  For example, in the customer inquiry application presented above, we can enable auto-complete on the customer number box by setting the choices database file property to CUSTMASTP.

Next, we can set the choices option field property to a field or a comma separated set of fields to show in the auto-complete list.  Before selecting the appropriate fields, you should configure the designer’s library list to include the library where CUSTMASTP can be found.

Then, in the Properties Window, click the prompt button for the choice options field property.

Select one or more fields to show in the auto-complete list.

With these settings, as the user starts typing the customer number, a list of suggested customers will appear as follows:

Note: To implement this feature, no additional RPG code is necessary.