The sort() method sorts records in a grid based on a provided compare function or on a field name.


  1. Compare function - a function that received 2 grid records to compare. If the function returns less than 0, the first record will come first in the sort order. If the function returns greater than 0, the second record will come first in the sort order


  1. Field name - Name of a field in the grid to sort by

  2. Descending (optional) - True or false flag indicating whether the sort should be in descending order. If omitted, false is assumed.


pjs.defineDisplay("display.json"); // assume display.json defines mygrid with fields named "product", "description", and "quantity" display.mygrid.addRecords([ { product: 1, description: "ITEM ONE", quantity: 15 }, { product: 2, description: "ITEM TWO", quantity: 20 }, { product: 3, description: "ITEM THREE", quantity: 12 }, { product: 4, description: "ITEM FOUR", quantity: 18 } ]); // Sort records by quantity in descending order display.mygrid.sort("quantity", true); // Sort records by quantity using a compare function display.mygrid.sort(function(record1, record2) { if (record1.quantity > record2.quantity) return 1; else return -1; });