pui.signon( config )

Starts an authenticated session with a sign on screen.


  • Optional Config object - JavaScript object containing configuration properties.

Configuration Options:

  • program - Optional. An initial qualified program name. E.g LIBRARY/PROGRAM. Defaults to the user's "initial program" configured in the Visual Designer.

  • container - Optional. A reference to an element, or an id of an element, where the application will be rendered. If not passed, "pui" is used by default.

  • workstnid - Optional. Assigns a workstation id to your session.

  • suffixid - Optional. Flag that if enabled avoids duplicate job names by appending a suffix ("1" or "0") Defaults to "0"

  • duplicateid - Optional. Flag that if enabled allows duplicate job names ("1" or "0"). Defaults to "0"

  • params - Optional. Object of parameters to pass to the program for use with the 'program' option

  • log - Optional. Turns logging ON or OFF ("1" or "0").  Defaults to "0"

  • debug - Optional. Allows you to debug with STRDBG (See Here). Defaults to "0"

  • mobile - Optional. Set this to true to use the settings configured under Configure Profound UI Mobile in the Visual Designer.