Sending SMS text messages

The Profound UI Mobile Client makes use of the following plugin:

This plugin allows you to send text messages from your mobile applications. If you are not using the Profound UI Mobile Client, and are packaging your mobile application manually with Cordova PhoneGap, the above plugin must be included.

To send SMS messages, you can use JavaScript code as in the following example:

// 'number' and 'message' are ID's of fields on your screen // that contain the number you wish to text and the text message // you wish to send var number = get("number"); var message = get("message"); // Configuration var options = { replaceLineBreaks: false, // set to true to replace \n by a new line, false by default android: { intent: 'INTENT' // send SMS with the native android SMS messaging //intent: '' // send SMS without opening any other app } }; function success() { alert('Message sent successfully'); } function failure (e) { alert('Message Failed:' + e); } sms.send(number, message, options, success, failure);