This feature is available with Profound UI releases later than Version 6 Fix Pack 4.1.

This function moves the text cursor to the next enabled visible input element from the current element.


  • currentElement -- the reference to the current DOM element.


You can use this API and the related API pui.gotoPreviousElement() to move the cursor forward and backward through all enabled visible input elements on a panel by using the Enter and Alt-Enter keys respectively.

Add this code to the “onload” event of a record format:

window.enterDoesTab = function(event) { event = event || window.event; if (event.keyCode == 13) { if (event.ctrlKey || event.shiftKey) return; preventEvent(event); if (event.altKey) // Alt-Enter key pressed pui.gotoPreviousElement(event.srcElement); else // Enter key pressed pui.gotoNextElement(event.srcElement); } } addEvent(pui.runtimeContainer, "keydown", enterDoesTab);

Add this code to the “onsubmit” event of the same record format: