Custom JavaScript Files

In a default installation, the JumpStart user-interface is found at a URL like http://yourMachineName:8080/jumpstart . The page loads only the JavaScript needed to present the user-interface in English.

It is possible to change the language text or to load external JavaScript files into the page. Any file ending in .js that is located in the /www/INSTANCENAME/htdocs/profoundui/userdata/extension/jumpstart IFS directory will be loaded with the JumpStart page. For example, a file named settings.js in the default Profound UI installation would be in /www/profoundui/htdocs/profoundui/userdata/extension/jumpstart/settings.js .

API Functions:

DbDescriptionTransform: Used to control the field descriptions.  In the below example, it will upper case the first letter of each word.

pui.DbDescriptionTransform = function(fieldDesc) { return fieldDesc.toLowerCase().replace(/\b./g, function(a){ return a.toUpperCase(); } ); }

jumpstartSaveAsDefaultFilename: Override the default filename in the prompt to save Settings. In the example below, the prompt to "SaveAs" would present the user with something like "Generated_subfile_PRODP_TestPgm.json":

pui.jumpstartSaveAsDefaultFilename = function(choices){ return 'Generated_'+choices["appType"] +'_'+ choices["file"] +'_'+ choices["title"] +'.json'; }

By default, the prompted filename is first the name of the last loaded settings file if it was loaded. If no settings file has been loaded, then the prompted filename to save is of the form, JumpStart_<appType>_<file>_<title>.json, with non alpha-numeric characters removed.

jumpstartSaveAsDefaultFilename and the ability to save and load settings are available in releases of Profound UI later than Version 6 Fix Pack 4.1.